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Do you need to revalidate an e-ticket because your customer’s flight number has changed or because the time or date of the flight has changed?

Not a problem, in our latest Amadeus Tip, we tell you exactly how to revalidate an e-ticket.

First things first. You can only revalidate an e-ticket after any of the following changes has occurred:

  • Different flight number
  • Different flight date or time
  • Different airport of arrival or departure (within the same city)
  • Different airline (provided the interline agreements exists between the two airlines)

Travel agents also need to take into account the following requirements:

  • There must be no change to the fare.
  • Revalidation is explicitly permitted in the fare rules.
  • The origin/destination airport can be different, but the e-ticket coupon must be for the same city. For example, LHR is an acceptable alternative for LGW, and CDG is an acceptable alternative for ORY.
  • The status of the e-ticket coupons to be revalidated must be O (open) or A (airport control).

Exceptions to these revalidation rules may apply. Always check directly with the airline.

Revalidation of e-tickets is not supported by all airlines in all markets. To determine if an airline allows revalidation enter: HE ETT XX (where XX is the airline code).

If the airline permits revalidation, do the following:

  1. Display the e-ticket Record: TWD
  2. Revalidate using the TTP entry with the ETRV option.
    Example: TTP/ETRV/L24/S5-6/E3-4

Re-display (TWDRT) the ticket record after revalidation to ensure that the ticket was revalidated (example: segments in the PNR match the segments in the ticket record).
When revalidating an e-ticket, you may also be allowed by your airline policy to manually update the Not Valid After (NVA) and Not Valid Before (NVB) dates.

In this case, the e-ticket is considered as manually priced and is no longer guaranteed by Amadeus. For example, enter:


You can update the NVA or the NVB date or both.
This does not modify a TST.