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Would you like to have access to your company’s sales information in real time on an easy-to-use interface? Amadeus Link Report to the rescue.
Directly from your web browser, you can generate different types of filtered reports by carrier, booking, ticketing, passengers, and any currency. Besides a General Sales report, the most important report you may wish to generate is the Graphic Report.

A Graphic Report can provide you with a clear illustration of which airlines were most issued in your office, or which offices have processed the most bookings.

Travel agency owners can filter the available information by timeframe and by consultant. They can group the results by carrier or by booking office, and define the value they want to see. It’s possible to drill down to the most granular information.

Once you have selected the options for which you would like to filter your report, you can simply click ‘Build’, and the system will automatically generate a pie chart illustrating which airlines were issued the most in your office (or any other information you have requested).

It is possible to print or save the generated report.

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