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27 November 2017 , 12:03 pm

Amadeus Tip: How to get started with Quality Monitor?

Amadeus Tip Productivity Suite

In any fast-moving industry, you’ve got to be able to work fast, accurately and on the go. To help you achieve this goal, Amadeus has designed Productivity Suite’s Quality Monitor.

Using criteria set by you, Quality Monitor spots any errors and prompts you in real-time to correct them before completing a booking.

By helping to make sure the Booking File complies with booking processes, Quality Monitor ensures consistency and quality of service, all of the time.

Find out all there is to know about Quality Monitor with our latest Amadeus Tip.

What is Quality Monitor?

Quality Monitor is a tool that uses predefined rules to check that the Booking File complies with the required booking processes. It displays blocking, warning and information messages that prompt you to apply corrections before completing a booking.

How to access Quality Monitor?

Expand the Tools menu on the Main page and click on Quality Monitor.

What is the Quality Monitor manager?

The Quality Monitor Manager allows you to create, delete, activate and deactivate Quality Monitor rules. You can also copy an existing rule to a new rule using the Quality Monitor Manager.

What are the prerequisites for accessing Quality Monitor?

You must have access to the optional Productivity Suite module before you can access Quality Monitor. NOTE: This is handled by an ACO. Please get in touch with the ACO Point of Contact if you need settings configured in Site Manager and/or LSS.

What is the Quality Monitor editor?

The Quality Monitor Editor is used to create and edit rules and add or edit checks to these rules. You can also activate and deactivate rules in the Editor.

What is the Quality Monitor language?

The Quality Monitor language is used to write the check definitions of a Quality Monitor rule. The
language keywords will be explained using the example below:


Would you like to know more? Click here for more information on Productivity Suite.


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