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Amadeus Productivity Suite can help simplify your work day for you. To help you along, we give you an overview of what Smart Flows are and how they can help make your life easier with our latest Amadeus Tip.

What is a Smart Flow?

Smart Flow

A Smart Flow is a pre-defined, customisable workflow that you create to help with the completion of repetitive booking tasks.

After you create a Smart Flow, its status can be switched between active/shown or not active/hidden, depending on whether or not you want to be able run it. If a Smart flow is set to active/visible, the Smart Flow is available to run from the Your Smart Flows menu on the main toolbar of Selling Platform Connect.

What is the Smart Flow manager?

Smart Flow

The Smart Flows Manager is a tool in Selling Platform Connect that allows you to build and launch predefined, customisable workflows. It helps you to complete repetitive booking and fulfilment tasks by using a set of Smart Flows that are triggered on request.

How to access the Smart Flows manager?

Smart Flow

On the Main page of Selling Platform Connect, expand the Tools menu and click on Smart Flows

What is the Smart Flow List?

Smart Flow

The Smart Flows List is the default page in the Smart Flows Manager. It displays all the Smart Flows that have been created regardless of whether they are active or not. The action buttons are located at the bottom of the list and, unless a Smart Flow is selected, all buttons except the new button are disabled. The columns in the list can be sorted by clicking on the title bars.

What is the Smart Flow editor?

Smart Flow

The Smart Flow Editor is a screen that is displayed when you open an existing Smart Flow or create a new one. When you save a change in the editor, the date and time of the most recently saved update is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The Smart Flow Editor displays Smart Flow information either in simple command-based mode or advanced language mode.


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