Amadeus Tip
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Did you ever need to request excess baggage charges? This Amadeus Tip tells you exactly how to go about it…

The basic transaction code for requesting excess baggage charges rates is FQX.

Note: do not confuse these entries with Ancillary Services (FXG, FXH)

To request excess baggage charge rates for 10.5 kilos, between Zurich and Singapore, at the current rate, enter: FQX ZRHSIN/10.5

System Response:



     95.41/AP/ 10.5/      1002/

     51.40/EH/ 10.5/       540/

     90.45/TS/ 10.5/       950/

 The system displays three different options, corresponding to the applicable global routes for ZRH-SIN. When no specific airline is indicated, the system defaults to YY rates. The excess baggage charge amount is displayed in the currency of the point of origin. 

To request excess baggage charge rates for a specific airline, enter for example: FQX ZRHSIN/10.5/LX

To request excess baggage charge rates for a specific date, enter for example: