Amadeus Offers
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Is your inbox flooded with customers asking you for trip proposals and options? Amadeus Offers to the rescue.

Amadeus Offers is an innovative cross-channel solution that helps you manage and store pre-booking travel options in a single location, to quickly respond to customer requests for proposals via email.

You can simply use the existing booking flow to store trip quotes in the same PNR as the itinerary, providing an instant view of traveller options. You can also manage itinerary changes at a moment’s notice, and upsell additional services using information stored in the trip proposal.

Access trip details at any time, and book the customer’s approved itinerary with a few simple steps. Here’s how to go about it:

How to send an offer notice?

 To send all offers to the email address in the APE field, enter:


To send an offer to a specific email address, enter for example:


If you do not want to send all offers to the customer, add individual offer numbers or a range of numbers to the OFN or OFN-EML transaction. For example:

  • To send offers 1 and 3, enter: OFN/O1,3
  • To send offers 1 to 3, enter: OFN/O1-3

How to confirm an Offer or Offer Proposal into a booking?

 When the customer has chosen the required offer, you can confirm the offer.

Note: you can only confirm active offers.

Confirming an offer generates a booking from the segments in the offer.

As part of the confirmation, the system verifies that the offer is still available and reprices if necessary. The segments are sold and are added in the face of the PNR as a confirmed booking.

In order to confirm an Offers Proposal, you need to confirm each individual offer in the proposal.

You confirm offers one at a time. To confirm an offer, display the offers in the PNR then enter for example:


OFK transaction code
1 offer number

If the offer is still available and the price has not changed since last verification, then the segments are booked.

If the offer is still available and the price has changed, then the offer is updated and you need to re-enter the confirmation transaction to book the segments.

If the offer is not available, an error message is displayed: