unbundled fares
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Over the past couple of years, airlines have increased adoption of unbundled fare products into all markets. Unbundled fares (also referred to as ‘basic economy’ or ‘economy light’) typically go beyond having no checked baggage allowance to also limiting seat selection, carry-on bags and possibly other amenities.

Due to their restrictive conditions, these fares are not suitable for many customers. Amadeus Travel Channels customers have requested a way to filter these fares from their fare searches and pricing transactions.

That is why Amadeus has introduced new and expanded parameters for pricing and fare searches that will enable filtering to exclude, or include as required, unbundled fares.

The new expanded parameters, values ‘BD’ and ‘UBD’, can be used to filter out or display unbundled fares in pricing and shopping transactions.

The expanded parameter uses the fare type code (FTC) to distinguish unbundled fares from other fares.
There are two FTCs used for unbundled fares:
EOU: Economy one-way unbundled
ERU: Economy return unbundled

Some carriers may file similar basic economy type products without these fare type codes. The expanded parameters will filter only those fares using the EOU and ERU FTCs.

Currently, the following carriers file fares with FTCs EOU and ERU:

The parameters are:

‘BD’ – will restrict the transaction to only bundled fares (i.e. will exclude unbundled fares)
‘UBD’ – will restrict the transaction to only unbundled fares (i.e. will return only fares with FTC EOU and ERU)

The expanded parameters will be available to use with the following products:
      – Cryptic

  • Use expanded parameter ‘BD’ or ‘UBD’ with
    • Fare quote (FQD)
    • Pricing (FXA, FXB, FXR, FXX)
    • Shopping (FXD)
    • ATC

      – Webservices API transactions that support expanded parameters for pricing.

Format and Examples

1) Cryptic: Fare Quote

Returns a list of fares between BOS and SFO including
ONLY unbundled (basic economy) fares.

*Note: For most carriers if ‘B’ is the 7th character in the fare basis it denotes
a basic economy fare.

Returns a list of fares between BOS and SFO excluding
unbundled (basic economy) fares.

1) Cryptic: Best Pricer

Will find the best price for the current itinerary excluding unbundled (basic economy) fares.

2) Master Pricer Expert: FXD

3) XML: Master Pricer Travel Board XML Query