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Do you know you can request a Hotel availability and Rates display for special hotel rates? With our latest Amadeus Tip we’ll show you exactly how to go about it.  

Special rates can be requested using any of the predefined industry standard rate type codes or a special rate that was negotiated directly with your travel agency or corporation and the hotel.

The standard rates in Hotel Availability are RAC rates. You can add the Special Rate option (/SR-) to your initial entry to request availability only for special rates. You can include up to 8 rate type codes in your entry. These special rates can be any of the 13 predefined rate type codes, or a special rate that was negotiated directly with your travel agency or corporation.

For example, to request a multi-property display with weekend rates, enter: HAMIA2NOV-2/SR-WKD




Hotel availability and rate transaction code


City/airport code


Check-in date


Dash, and check-out two days later


Special rate option code


Dash, and rate type code

If you request a multi-property Availability display specifying one special rate code, the list displayed will only contain hotels that offer the rate you specified, and the price range returned will apply to that rate only.

You can customise your agent sign by storing hotel special rate codes with your agent sign preferences. Then, when you enter Hotel Availability (HA) formats, you will not have to enter the /SR- option.

We hope you enjoyed our Amadeus Tip – check again next week for more Amadeus Tips and Tricks.