Amadeus Selling Platform Connect
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 Have you uncovered the secret yet of what travellers today are looking for?

We will lift the veil for you. According to Amadeus research, travellers today are looking for consistency, transparency, and choice. They want to feel empowered and take control of their trip, but on the other hand, they also want a full-trip experience that is personalised and tailored to their needs. And, of course, they want to stay connected at all times via their mobile phones.

How can the travel agent respond to this and offer their customers exactly what they’re looking for?

The answer lies in having a one-stop shop so that the traveller doesn’t need to spend hours on different websites trying to find the best deal. You’ll need to not only provide comparison, but also offer 24/7 personalised service, especially during disruptions and offer in trip assistance without ever forgetting the human touch.

To be successful, Travel Agents will need access to all available content and transparent and consistent pricing that is integrated with an easy-to-use platform. You’ll need to access to technology that enables you to give the best service to travellers.

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect has the answer for you and will connect you with all the content you need in a single source.

Here’s what it will offer you:

One‐stop shop for content: We give the Travel Agents the ability to access more content all in one place including flights, hotels, transfers, ancillaries, insurance etc., helping you save valuable time when searching for the best fares.

  • You have Real-time access to 95% of the world’s scheduled airline seats and secured bookings all the way to the last seat on nearly 300 airlines.
  • And 400,000+ hotel properties, 90+ railways and numerous car rental, insurance, ferry, cruise and tour providers.

Massive search capabilities ensure best prices and offers for travellers: Amadeus technology gives agents instant, easy and accurate fare comparison.

  • We have the highest bookability ratio in the industry and lowest ratio of fare discrepancies. No surprises for travellers, sellers and providers.
  • Price and service comparisons at the click of a button with simple and easy-to-read fare rules available to Travel Agents.

Merchandising opportunities: With Amadeus technology, travel agents can create personalised packages for customers, in the heart of the booking flow with over 110 airlines selling their ancillaries on Amadeus.

We help overcome the difficulties of travel disruption, reliably and efficiently.

We keep travelers connected (mobile), wherever they are.

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