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To be able to dedicate time and energy to each and every client, it’s important for travel agents to be able to automate the time-consuming, administrative tasks, such as invoices.
By automating the invoice process, travel agents can increase their productivity as well as reduce errors. This is why we created Amadeus Link Invoice.

Amadeus Link Invoice allows travel agents to effortlessly combine all content from different suppliers and create a professional-looking invoice.

Carolyne Kinuthia, Amadeus Expert, explains: “Link Invoice is a very simple tool that allows you to create quotes in an automated and personalised way. Thanks to Link Invoice, you can produce very professional-looking documents which you can customise with your logo and customer contacts. You can also add banners to your receipts and invoices when you send them out to your clients.”

Carolyne explains that this tool allows you to confirm or cancel an invoice, update a payment and print a receipt. Moreover, you can use Amadeus Link Invoice for all travel services that you offer in your agency whether or not they’re booked on the Amadeus system.

Says Carolyne: “Amadeus Link really does help you consolidate your business transactions in one place, saving you time when it comes to administrative tasks, so you can dedicate more of your efforts to serving your customers.”