how to add services
Travel luggage are ready for loading to the airplane at the airport.
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 Your customer has requested you book a flight from Lagos to Johannesburg for their upcoming business trip. You’ve made the reservation, and have forwarded all travel information. Your customer suddenly realises they’ll  require more baggage allowance than originally planned.

In our latest Amadeus tip, we’ll tell you how to add services  to your reservation on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect:

1. In the What do you want to do next?section of the Booking File, click on Add Seats and Services.

2. In the Seats and Services Catalogue, select the service category.

3. Select the service details for the required passengers and segments.

4. Click on Chargeable or Standard Baggage to collapse or open the baggage options.

If it is a chargeable service, you’ll be able to see the cumulative price for each passenger and the total price for all passengers. You’ll also be able see quota information (see more details below).

5. If you change the passenger and segment association for a chargeable service, click on Update Priceto see the new price.

6. If the service requires more information, enter the information in the Additional Details section.

Please note that it is not possible to submit service requests unless mandatory fields highlighted in yellow are completed.

7. Click on Request.