Amadeus Technology
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During a highly successful Annual Sales Forum, which was attended by over 400 Nigerian travel agents, Amadeus demonstrated how Amadeus technology can help travel agents overcome the challenges of today and face a bright and successful future.

Today, more than ever, the modern travel agencies are thriving. This is in part thanks to the innovations technology has brought about.

“We’re continually listening to travellers, travel agencies, and all other customers we work with, whilst keeping a close eye on trends and behaviours, so we can develop technologies that benefit all,” says Yann Gilbert, Amadeus Nigeria GM.

During the sales forum, which was held at the Shebra Event Centre in Ikeja, Lagos, travel agents received updates on the latest Amadeus’ products and openly discussed some of the most persistent issues they are facing today. Ten lucky travel agents were also presented with prizes, as five laptops and five tablets were awarded after a ‘lucky dip’.

The theme of the sales forum centred around how travel agents of today can make additional revenue by providing their customers with an end-to-end trip experience. As airlines are increasingly clamping down on commissions, travel agents need to diversify their offering to survive and stand out.

“The role of the travel agent has changed tremendously. Before, it was based on personal relationships and networking. Now, while human interactions remain essential, the focus has shifted more towards transparency in a technology-driven market,” says Gilbert.

To provide travellers with a complete travel experience, travel agents need to offer their clients additional services, such as insurance, hotels and transfers. Amadeus provides them this type of solutions.

Nearly two-thirds of travellers who book air also need accommodation. Amadeus offers more than 3.1 million shopping options from over 740,000 unique properties sourced directly or through partners, making Amadeus one of the biggest repositories of bookable hotels globally.

Amadeus has also developed a modern Transfers solution, which offers travellers a seamless one-stop-shop trip experience anywhere in the world. Pre-arranged transfers mean fewer security headaches for travellers who now no longer need to carry around cash for a taxi. No more waiting in queues at stations or airports or running the gauntlet of rogue operators.

Travel insurance is another important ancillary that can significantly impact on the travel agent’s bottom line as it offers high commissions. Travel agents in Nigeria can sell Cornerstone Travel Insurance while making a booking in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. They are able to add an insurance policy to a flight booking without ever having to leave the booking flow.

An event such as the Sales Forum in Nigeria fosters unity by bringing the entire travel industry together. Amadeus was able to interact with travel agents during this event to show how we can provide solutions that will help the travel industry succeed in the future.