Ezekiel, Finance & Accounts Expert at Amadeus Tanzania
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Life is a journey with lessons to learn.

If you’re based in Tanzania you may have interacted with Ezekiel, our Finance & Accounts Expert. What you may not know about him is that he is a huge enthusiast of Denzel Washington movies and has bibliophilism (a love of books). When Ezekiel is not at the Amadeus office, be sure to catch him at his favourite restaurant; Kawe Beach Club or hanging out with his little angel at home.

And, so who better to have an engaging rapid fire round with?

Ezekiel, Finance & Accounts Expert at Amadeus Tanzania

 Let us start easy…Tea or coffee? 

Coffee as it gives me that kick every morning.

Because we’re in tech…First app you open in the morning:

Twitter as every morning it will keep me up to date with what is happening around me. I also use Twitter to keep in touch with my followers.

For those moments when you are not in the office…Favorite movie?

John Q. I am a huge fan of Denzel Washington. Most of his movies face some reality, which is why I prefer watching his movies since I can relate to them.

Last book you read?

‘Legacy of Ashes’ is a book on the history of CIA by Tim Weiner. The book has details of how the CIA came to being after World War II, through the Cold War years and the War on Terror, to after 9/11.

Ezekiel at his desk

Speaking of childhood…Someone you looked up to when you were a kid?

My father’s best friend was pilot. He has always been an inspiration to me all through my childhood especially when he would tell us stories about his career and how difficult / easy it was to fly a plane.

When I joined high school, my dream was to be a pilot as well. I even picked those subjects that were needed to be a pilot. However, I am now working in the accounting and finance department but he will still continue to be my inspiration and mentor in my life’s journey.

Because we all need music in our lives…three songs on your playlist:

  • This is Love – Monsta ft Jboog
  • Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  • Where is the love – Black Eyed Peas ft Justin Timberlake

Now that we know you like to dine out, where would you take us if we came over?

Kawe Beach Club as they serve really tasty fish. I personally love having fish.

And if we stayed over for the weekend, what would we be doing with you?

Well it would be filled with loads of dancing with my baby girl. We could have a dance off to see who’s better at dancing (I bet my baby girl would win).

Now the exciting part…

What makes you proud of Africa:

Being rich and perfect in wildlife & natural resources. The continent as a whole is rich with natural resources for example in Tanzania / South Africa. We therefore need to use these natural resources in such a way that will benefit Africa; be it by boosting the continent’s tourism.

Your favourite place in Africa?

Zanzibar, as they have beautiful, clean beaches.

Window or aisle? 

I would definitely pick the window seat! I am always curious about what is happening outside the aircraft. I love watching sunrises & sunsets as well as watching the plane during landing and take off.

If you were granted one wish to change travel… 

Most travelers including me don’t like time wasting on security checkpoint lines, I wish robots checked the luggage while approaching the security screeners.