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compagnies aériennes africaines
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2016 has been an incredibly successful year for bringing relevant content into the Amadeus GDS, and 2017 is expected to be even better!

Amadeus signed agreements with no less than seven African airlines, offering travel agents access to more local and relevant travel options: Africa World Airlines, Dana Air, fastjet, Fly Blue Crane, Fly CamInter, FlySafair and Med-View Airlines!


“Being ‘Glocal’ is part of our Amadeus strategy and these signatures reinforce our local value proposition for travel agencies in Africa. We offer them the best GDS technology with access to a superior range of global and local fares, schedules and inventory from some of the most up and coming airlines across the continent,” said Paul de Villiers, Vice President of Amadeus Africa.


2b69d9ePierre-Louis Chouette, Head of Africa Airline Sales and Account Management, has welcomed the addition of these seven new airlines. “Many of these airlines are looking to continue their regional expansion and in some cases international expansion,” he added. According to Chouette, “Amadeus is ideally positioned to support these airlines’ expansion strategies and enable them to reach international markets and new travellers through distributing through the Amadeus travel agency networks”.

Africa’s aviation sector is without a doubt on the path to success in 2017. Increasingly African airlines are calling for the liberalisation of access to air transport markets in Africa. They are striving to reduce barriers in the African aviation space, including restrictive regulations, infrastructure challenges, high taxes and operation costs, safety, and visa restrictions.

A recent IATA study has shown that such liberalisation efforts could have tremendous potential for Africa, with the additional services between just 12 key markets providing an extra 155,000 jobs and $1.3 billion in annual GDP. “Air transport in Africa has the potential to transform the economic fortunes of the continent and its citizens,” said new CEO in place Alexandre de Juniac.

2017 will undoubtedly be an exciting year for the aviation and travel industry in Africa, and Amadeus will play a fundamental role in the travel distribution arena.