age of experimentation
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There is an increasing appetite for technology in Southern Africa as it is fast shaping how destinations interact with travellers.

“Consumers have become used to a recommendation-led experience across other industries. They have come to expect the same from their travel experience,” Jannine Adams, Senior Manager Marketing at Amadeus Southern Africa, was quoted as saying in Tourism Update recently.

“There is an ever-greater need for travel companies to employ sophisticated personalisation techniques and intelligent merchandising. Travel companies must move past getting people from A to B, but think about collecting information to build a 360° view of the traveller to create a tailored and memorable experience – right from the moment they are inspired to travel, to the time they return home from their trip.”

According to Adams we have now entered an age of experimentation where travel companies must test new ideas and take an analytics-enabled approach to innovation. “It is no longer enough to continue with the products and services that have been effective so far. Innovation requires travel companies to imagine ways to do things differently, or do new things altogether.”

Adams explains that chatbots and artificial intelligence are some of the new technologies to watch out for and are already being used by travel companies to respond to the changing needs of travellers.

She said: “Some companies have introduced virtual reality to allow travellers to ‘try before they fly’,” she says. “Amadeus will soon launch the Traveller Notifier tool, which sends important notifications to the traveller’s mobile phone, such as electronic ticket issuance, flight delay, boarding gate assignment and boarding gate change.  Virtual reality will also continue to gain moment in 2018 in the travel industry.”

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