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15 February 2017 , 10:27 am

“We are proud to support you”

The MIRS Guinea team, “Amadeus Service Partner”, has expressed its joy and pride in being part of the Amadeus family.

However, what truly drives this ambitious team on a daily basis is customer satisfaction. And this is also what drives every member of the Amadeus support teams across the West and Central Africa region.

“What I like most about my role is the feeling that I’m being useful in providing a valuable end-to-end service to travel agents, providing them with the right answers and really helping them in their work,” says René Sy, Amadeus customer support based in Dakar.

Our team often receives many questions ranging from serious, difficult, sometimes even funny questions.

René Sy explains, “The funniest question I’ve had so far is one agent asking me:” I started my agency business today, can I start issuing? “. When travel agents start in this industry, they don’t always have a very good understanding of the travel ecosystem. In this particular case, we explained to the agent that she would have to satisfy certain conditions that are not under the control of Amadeus. ”

During a recent survey in January, which aimed to assess Amadeus’ support services, many of you encouraged us, congratulated us and put us in the spotlight… you also expressed your sincere interest in Amadeus and its products.

We want to say thank you and you reiterate our commitment to continually improve in order to better serve you.

To contact our central regional support office, e-mail 

Or phone us on:

Bénin                    +229 96 13 72 72 / 65 63 92 92
Burkina                   +226 79 78 85 45 / 70 86 46 31  
Cameroun                   +237 33 43 96 42 
Congo (Brazza)          +242 068 382 901 / 068 382 906  
Côte d’Ivoire           +225 20 31 22 55  
Gabon                    +241 03 345 152 / 157  
Guinée (Conakry)          +224 631 27 79 85/86  
Mali                            +223 20 22 07 12  
Mauritanie                  +222 45 25 59 21  
Rép. Dém. du Congo  +243 08 44 69 37 79 / 08 20 20 97 17 
Sénégal                    +221 33 859 73 73 




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This post was written by Mariatou Ouattara

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