Amadeus Service Hub
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At Amadeus, customer support is one of the key pillars of our service offering. Why? Because we want to be the technological partner that contributes to the success of travel agents.

Do you have any questions? Are you unsure how to use one of the Amadeus products? We can help you with answers through Amadeus Service Hub and the help pages in the Amadeus System.

Check out Amadeus Service Hub

Amadeus Service Hub is a portal adapted specifically to your work environment and your needs. It’s a one-stop service shop that allows you access to what you need 24 hours a day.  You can read how-to and troubleshooting articles, view videos and download technical guides. You can also get to-the-minute critical incident bulletins and contact Amadeus Customer Service – all through one portal.

Go to Amadeus Service Hub from your PC or mobile phone, and let yourself be guided by the intuitive interface.

– Via Sell Connect: On the main page, click Help> Amadeus Service Hub

– Visit:

Consult the help and information pages in Amadeus

The help and information pages on your Amadeus system contain a wealth of information. When in cryptic mode, you can display information with the code GG and display help with the code HE directly in the system.

Here are some examples:

Code GG to display useful information

GGWEADKR Weather forecast for a specific city (eg DKR)
GGAPTDKR Information on a specific airport
GGCOUIE Information on a specific country
GGCOUXXFACTS Quick information about a country (capital, currency, …)
GG CAL 17 APR display a past dated calendar (in this instance 17 April)
GGAALIANCE The airline alliance groups and from there you can see the actual airline members
GGPCASA Access and function levels of Amadeus Participating Carriers   (in this instance SAA)
GGCODEB Displays input codes starting with a specific letter (in this instance B)

Code to display help

HE HE Help on help
HE NM Help on a specific transaction
HE PNR NAME Help on a specific topic
HE / Help on the last entered transaction
HE STEPS Offers a step-by-step approach to completing  tasks
HE CAR Help on Cars
HE HOTEL Help on Hotel
HE UPDATES Updates done on the already known help pages, providing a description and the date of the update

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Contact the Amadeus Customer service hotline

If you can’t find an answer in Amadeus Service Hub, in the help and information pages on the system or in the Amadeus Africa blog, then don’t hesitate in contacting our Customer service hotline.  Visit our Contact Us page to find the one nearest to you.