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Celebrations are in order!  Amadeus has this month reached 100,000 users on Selling Platform Connect worldwide.

And, the 100 000th user of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is located in Africa – in Cameroon. We chatted to Mrs Sylvie Ndy Jean Marie, CEO of Easy Fly Corporation, a travel agency she founded in 2007 which focuses on private jets and VIP flights, about her thoughts on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

As a new user, Mrs Jean Marie feels that the upgrade to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect will allow her to considerably boost her sales, improve her productivity as well as her accessibility to her clients.


“Gone are the days that I’ll need to tell my clients to ‘wait till I get to office’, or to ‘please call back on Monday morning. From now on, our clients will know we will be reactive and that we can deal with their queries within minutes. I could be at a party and still give a client information about his flight, car rental or accommodation without having to rush to the office,” she says. 

Mrs Jean Marie loves to go to the movies, to go on hikes, to dance, to organise barbecues with her friends on the weekend and to travel. Thanks to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, she’ll now have more time to engage in these activities while still being available to her clients.