Quality Monitor Rule
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In any fast-moving industry, you’ve got to be able to work fast, accurately and on the go. To help you achieve this goal, Amadeus has designed Productivity Suite’s Quality Monitor.

In our latest tip, we show you how to add checks to a new Quality Monitor rule.

  1. In the Quality Monitor list, click on New.
  2. In the Quality Monitor Editor, complete the required fields for the new rule.

For each check you want to add:

  1. Click on the Add Check link.
  2. Enter the check name and message.

Quality Monitor Rule

The check name will be displayed in the Quality Monitor checklist and the message will be displayed on the check overlay.

  1. Enter the check definition.

Note: To add variables in your definition, use the Autocomplete feature. Refer to the related links.

You can add up to 10 checks to a rule. To define more than 10 checks, split them between two rules.

The following are examples of defining checks in Quality Monitor rules.

Example of a Quality Monitor rule for form of payment

This rule checks for an FOP element in the PNR. If no FOP is found, a warning is displayed with options to send cryptic commands to add a FOP either as cheque or as cash. Alternatively, the user can also add a credit card by calling a smart Flow.

 Example of a rule for fax or email contact.

This rule checks for an email address or fax contact element in the PNR. If no contact is found, a warning is displayed with options to either call a Smart Flow to add a fax number or call a Smart Flow to add an email address.

After a contact is added for the passenger, the if condition becomes false and the check is successful.