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Global risk monitoring is an important component of a company’s legal obligation to care for their travellers, or ‘Duty of Care’. Amadeus Mobile Messenger offers a unique and easy-to-use solution to support the incident management process efficiently and in real-time. The tool provides travel agents and corporations with a unique way of handling traveller tracking and communications in any travel disruption or crisis situation on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.

Amadeus Mobile Messenger allows corporates to deliver fast, efficient incident management, with all the information they need in a single tool to be able to identify, analyse and assist your travellers without delay. The tool also provides professional assistance for handling disruptive events such as weather events, political unrest or natural disasters, and allows corporates to communicate with travellers at any time.

Key features:

  • Locate travellers instantly: Itineraries are represented via a dynamic map interface, allowing you to quickly pinpoint a traveller’s exact location.
  • Focus on the relevant data you need: Traveller data within Amadeus Mobile Messenger is automated and updated in real-time, ensuring users always have the latest information to work with, which is critical for incident management. Various.
  • Communicate effortlessly: Amadeus Mobile Messenger gives you the means to communicate with travellers at any time, with message templates available to facilitate the communication of critical information to travellers.
  • Optimise your workflow: Amadeus Mobile Messenger incorporates a number of intelligent features that allow you to optimise the workflow for incident management, delivering real time saving and making the process more cost-efficient.