Amadeus Value Hotels
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“We’re super excited to be in South Africa to launch our new product, Amadeus Value Hotels.” These were the words of Christian Doorenbos, Head of Amadeus Value Content, Amadeus Hospitality during the recent ASATA Innovation Summit, which was held in Johannesburg.

This innovative new product allows travel agents to provide their clients with competitive rates, while driving revenues to their company from hotel sales.

The reality is that today’s traveller likes to visit price-comparison travel sites that show them a wide array of hotel rates, from multiple sources for a stay on the same night and at the same property.

For the travel agent, it can be difficult to keep up with the all-time low prices advertised online. That is why Amadeus has decided to expand its hotel content through Amadeus Value Hotels.

It can be quite time-consuming for travel agents to convince hotels to give them net rates. If their company doesn’t belong to a major travel management group, it’s hard to even get noticed. With Amadeus Value Hotels, this is a worry of the past.

Travel consultants don’t have to approach hotel travel managers to negotiate net rates. The Amadeus program provides pre-paid and net rates that the travel consultant can mark up with the integrated mark-up tool.

What’s even better is that travel consultants enjoy immediate cash flow, as full payment is made by the traveller at the time of booking. The travel consultant is only billed by Amadeus after the stay is fulfilled.

No more manual reservations either. Amadeus Value Hotels delivers content from multiple sources, with pre-negotiated rates. Once travel agents join the program, they will see hotels displaying net rates merged with all other rate offers from properties that match their search criteria.

Work faster and smarter by accessing our extensive array of properties sourced from combined channels, bookable in real time – and delivered through Amadeus.

Amadeus Value Hotels offers pre-paid content for 300,000+ global properties – including major chains to independent boutique hotels – and is available through Amadeus Selling Platform.

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