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Travellers today are increasingly looking to their travel agent to provide them with a door-to-door travel experience.

So, have you taught your clients how to hail a cab yet? No?

The good news is you won’t have to. Amadeus has officially become the first GDS to launch a fully integrated multi-provider transfer solution in South Africa in partnership with local partner EZ Shuttle.

That means you don’t need to brush up on the rules for hailing a cab in every country in the world. No need for you to know that in Ecuador, you have to point to the ground to hail a cab, while in Athens you have to yell out your destination to taxis rushing by in the hope someone will stop.

Just turn to Amadeus Transfers and get access to global content and wow your clients by offering them a seamless one-stop-shop trip experience anywhere in the world.

Pre-arranged transfers mean fewer security headaches for travellers who now no longer need to carry around cash for a taxi. No more waiting in queues at stations or airports or running the gauntlet of rogue operators.

With Amadeus Transfers, travel agents can now offer their clients a one-stop-shop trip experience, while at the same time earning commission from transport providers who are eager to partner with them.

Travel agents can book transfers via Amadeus Selling Platform Connect or on the mobile version of the solution.  All online customers, even non-Amadeus members, will enjoy the customisable white label option. Non-Amadeus travel agents can simply book transfers via this link.

Transfers have historically been a high-effort, low-reward exercise for travel agents, but not anymore. Amadeus Transfers will give you the opportunity to earn commission from transport providers who are eager to partner with you.

Don’t delay, check out Amadeus Transfers today and tell your client you have them covered up to the last mile.

Amadeus travel agents will be able to find a wealth of information on our Service Hub, while non-Amadeus clients can find all the information about Transfers here.