Amadeus Kenya
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October 1 saw the opening of the new and revamped Amadeus offices in Nairobi. The refurbished space shows the world that “good” will always conquer and that new beginnings are possible and beautiful.

Nine months ago, the Amadeus East Africa Regional Office, located at the 14 Riverside Office Park, was targeted by the terrorist group Al Shabab in an attack that claimed 22 lives and wounded dozens – including one Amadeus employee. All the Amadeus staff present and 15 customers receiving training were under siege for 16 hours before eventually being rescued.

After that, the team moved to a temporary location and the long process of healing began through group and individual counselling. Sometimes after, the process began to refurbish the office space. Finally, in September, the refurbishment was mostly complete and the team was able to move in as final touches were put in place.

On October 1,   customers were invited for breakfast and tour of the refurbished office. Later that day the Nairobi team had their own celebration.

“We will never forget the events of that day but the fresh new look of the office has brought new hope and a positive vibe to the team which is awesome” – Kainembabazi Sabiti, Marketing Manager

“It’s brighter, lighter and it’s very comfortable” – Elly Kwasi, Delivery Expert

“It’s a world class office, I just love having the plants!” – Nestor Navajas, Finance Manager

“After nearly 9 months of being displaced in temporary offices, it feels great to come back to the most fresh space in the Amadeus world. It feels like we have come back home. This is a symbol of our resilience. We stand #StrongerTogether” – Mathieu Dutrisac, General Manager