Amadeus in Mauritius
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Instead of celebrating the end of a successful 2018 with a red-carpet, black-tie event, the Amadeus team in Mauritius decided to opt for a more laid-back island-style ‘Jeans Party’.

The idea came to us last year when we celebrated the opening of our new offices. We told our guests to come in casual attire and in something ‘jeans’ and simply enjoy a party in our beautiful new gardens.

The party last year was a great success, which is why the Amadeus team decided to replicate the concept again this year. At this time of the year, when people are constantly asked to dress up to attend fancy award parties at lavish hotels, they welcome the idea of just having fun in a relaxed way.

The 2018 Christmas party didn’t disappoint. The party was supposed to end at 10pm but by 1am there were quite a few party-goers still having fun and enjoying themselves.


It was a welcome end to 2018, which has been a challenging and busy year for the Amadeus team in Mauritius as it marked the migration of the majority of travel agents to Selling Platform Connect.

The migration required a lot of training. Amadeus has been in Mauritius for the past 30 years. In fact, Mauritius was one of the first Amadeus markets. As a result, most travel agents know the Amadeus system through and through and know all the Amadeus entries off by heart. For them to migrate to a new system has been a big step.

However, 2019 promises to be an exciting year for the Amadeus team in Mauritius and their clients, as we expect new solutions and new products to come to the market. Watch this space for Amadeus in Mauritius!