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The name speaks for itself. One may be wondering what the name is? ‘Amadeus First’ loyalty programme. The best partnership one can enjoy is a win-win partnership. Based on this, Amadeus Ghana introduced a loyalty programme to give back to the people who make it what they are today.

Started in the year 2005 both Amadeus and its partners; the travel Agents have leveraged on this loyalty program to strengthen their partnership.

The programme brings out the unique customer service traits of Amadeus. Why are we saying that? Amadeus always strives to meet the ever changing needs and taste of its customers by always improving the items on the Amadeus First site and delivering items redeemed by customers on time to them.

This service has positively affected the brand image of Amadeus and has also tightened the partnership between Amadeus and its Partners.

If asked what has heightened Amadeus Ghana’s pedigree in the travel industry, we can boast about its technology and also it’s LOYALTY to its customers by rewarding them with this programme.

Amadeus First! Others follow! Dream it and they will deliver it.