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Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) empowers you to improve your customer service through greater efficiency and flexibility, while enabling you to provide your customers with a smoother, faster and more convenient travel experience.

It’s a quick and easy solution to issue documents for travel-related services and offers you a cost-effective way to account for each individual service you sell while improving back-office automation and your existing workflow.

With Amadeus EMD, you now have a single, standard method to issue all-travel related documents associated with automated MCO, Amadeus virtual MCO and IATA virtual MPD. And it delivers enhanced functionality such as interlining facilitation, e-ticket association and multi-coupon functionality.

Amadeus EMD also provides automatic fulfilment for the Amadeus Ancillary Services solution, offering a high level of flexibility that you can tailor to your customer’s needs.This means you can quickly and easily book travel extras at the time of the flight booking.

Services such as car rental or lounge access can be booked via EMD –S (stand-alone), which can be issued independently off of a flight ticket. And EMD – A (associated) can be issued for services directly linked to a flight coupon such as seat reservations or excess baggage.

Gone are those long and time-consuming manual transactions that leave you open to errors. And by booking ancillary services at the same time as booking your flights, your clients can avoid being confronted by unexpected costs while travelling.

Key features and benefits at a glance

  • Amadeus EMD is fully integrated into your reservation and sales flow with all processing harmonised within the booking. This facilitates servicing and provides you with an intuitive sales tool in your preferred selling interface.
  • It gives you one view of your customer’s travel choices in a single PNR, with updates made in real-time.
  • It’s a single, standard method to issue all travel-related services, replacing the automated MCO, Amadeus virtual MCO and IATA virtual MPD.
  • It provides automated fulfillment for the Amadeus Ancillary Services solution, which means you can easily book the variety of unbundled ancillary services now offered by airlines.
  • Electronic technology provides enhanced security and saves valuable time, simplifying your business processes and increasing your productivity.
  • The EMD is fully customisable to your market specifications and/or local constraints.
  • Reporting is fully automated in the sales report and back-office systems via the Amadeus Interface Record.
  • The same workflow as for the current automated/virtual MCO means minimal impact on your existing business practices.
    Distribution channels and support

The Amadeus EMD is available in cryptic mode for all versions of Amadeus Selling Platform, and is integrated into Amadeus Selling Platform GUI from release 7.2 as well as Amadeus Web Services.

It integrates into Amadeus Agency Manager, Amadeus Ticket Changer and Amadeus Interface Record.

We at Amadeus are supporting our travel agency partners to ensure their smooth and seamless transition to Amadeus EMD. Full training on Amadeus EMD is available in either a classroom setting or online through our e-Support Centre and e-Learning.