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Welcome to Amadeus e-Support Centre

Amadeus e-Support Centre provides a single access point to learning and support content such as user and product guides, quick cards, course guides, technical manuals and videos. It offers a range of information and services such as troubleshooting, real-time alerts, tips, product news and rollouts. This self-service web-based support tool is designed specifically for travel agents. It is accessible from Amadeus Selling Platform, or from your web browser via a URL.

To access Amadeus e-Support Centre from Amadeus Selling Platform, select the Amadeus e-Support Centre smart tab:



To access Amadeus e-Support Centre from a web browser, enter the following URL:

Amadeus e-Support Centre provides you with many benefits. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Access to knowledge database of Amadeus

The search bar below allows you to search different topics in the knowledge database based on the need of a customer at a particular time. The result of the search gives access to different topics and related materials, which can be downloaded in PDF format and can be used as reference for office use. The search bar is as shown below:



  1. Access to browse solutions

Amadeus e-Support Centre is a real-time solution centre that provides solutions to various topics and questions that users of Amadeus system may have. It also gives users access to videos, troubleshooting guides and tips, information pages, travel Timatic and various industry topics.

  1. Access to reference materials

The content offered by the Amadeus e-Support Centre is very wide. In addition to that mentioned above, it also provides access to user guides, training manuals, quick cards, support, technical manuals, etc. These can be accessed under “browse reference materials” on the homepage.



  1. Access to notice board

Amadeus e-Support Centre provides its users with access to a real-time notice board, where industry breaking news and other useful information is provided. The notice board is updated in real time and provides links to news, tips of the day and other related information.

  1. Access to training videos and manuals

Amadeus places great importance on training and training materials. On the homepage there is tab for the training manuals and videos. The videos and manuals allow for learning under different topics. This is must-visit section for all users.


The benefits of this support site are immense. It removes all errors that are associated with human interface, it is very fast, available all the time, and it has been specifically developed for all users of Amadeus.