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There was no slowing down for the Southern Africa team this month as they hosted several Amadeus AQMs in various cities across South Africa.
The AQMs provided the ideal platform for Amadeus to network with their agency partners and catch up face-to-face with them as well as discuss the latest products and services.

Amadeus discussed the main challenges the local industry is currently facing today and tackled the top queries received by the Customer Service Team and Sales Team over the past months. The team also lifted the veil on some very exciting developments at Amadeus that will soon be announced to the public.

South African travel agents described the Amadeus AQMs as informative and said these meetings bring them up to speed with new developments that are useful for their business. They praised Amadeus for being the best travel technology provider.

These are just a few ways travel agents in South Africa are describing the AQMs. Have a look at our video below to hear exactly what they have to say.

To thank agents for their unwavering support, all attendees were treated to Amadeus’ very own version of an emotional support animal, fluffy little rhino’s carrying the messages that: “Amadeus cares”.