30 years in Travel
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Amadeus has this month officially become the market leader in the South African market, a huge achievement for our South African team and for Amadeus.

The road to success has not always been easy. There have been times in this market that things seemed to just been trickling along with people doing the same thing in the same way, resisting change.

It was important to shake things up and address the challenges head-on. One of the ways we’ve done this is with the introduction of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, which has been a huge hit with travel agents, and has definitely helped position Amadeus as a true technology partner in the travel industry, a partner that travel agents can trust.

For travel agents, Selling Platform Connect has allowed them to automate manual tasks, save time, generate more revenue and work from everywhere. The feedback has been phenomenal.

“It’s now much easier to respond quickly to my customers and get more from my day. I definitely recommend this solution to other travel agents. It makes our life so easy, you can actually be out of the office and still be a travel agent. It’s brilliant,” Lilanie Kruger, owner of Executor Travel told us.

Lilanie is not the only one to rave about the possibilities that Selling Platform Connect brings. “Thanks to Selling Platform Connect, helping clients get out of prickly situations has become a lot ‘easier’ to deal with,” said Robyn Daneel-Spicer, Director Sure Stellenbosch Travel.

Of course, Selling Platform Connect is not the only reason we became market leaders. And, it’s important to remember that no one ever achieves success on their own. We would never have achieved success in the African market without the help of innovators and visionaries in the African travel industry.

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Our recent Movers & Shapers campaign has truly opened our eyes to the ambition and innovation that is taking place in Africa. We have seen how travel agents in Africa have improved the industry and fought for innovation.

Although we could only feature 10 Movers & Shapers in this campaign, there are many more influential game-changers in Africa, and without their support, we would never have achieved the success we know in Africa today.