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Amadeus has been working towards a better future in Africa and the world. Did you know that in 2017, Amadeus invested more than EUR4m in community development projects around the world, with the help of no less than 3 188 Amadeus staff members?
Worldwide, we partnered with 248 non-profit, inter-governmental and educational organisations, donated more than 500 computers and trained over 3 000 young people in skills related to global travel reservations.

Amadeus is committed to contributing towards sustainable inclusive development in the countries where we operate. To do this, we use our core strengths – our people, technology and global travel expertise – in programs and partnerships that can make a real difference.



These are some of the exciting projects we have undertaken in Africa in recent years:

Technology for Good

Amadeus works with UNICEF to contribute to global vaccinations in Angola & Chad

Under the Click for Change online donation program travellers making bookings on the airline websites of Iberia, Finnair and Norwegian have raised more than USD 3 million, to fund multi-market projects targeting children in need, around the world. During this time, Amadeus’ contribution has supported UNICEF’s Schools for Africa and Asia programs and financed the vaccination of thousands of children against measles, mumps and rubella, in Angola, Chad and Cuba.

Amadeus supports digital inclusion in Sierra Leone with Computer Aid International

In a pilot project with Computer Aid International, Amadeus donated 100 computers to help address the digital divide in Sierra Leone. With further contributions in 2017, Njala University became the first accredited International Computer Driving License center in Sierra Leone. In the project’s next stage, Njala University will be able to train 30 teachers across 10 schools and impact over 5,000 students in 1 year.

Knowledge and Skills Transfer

Amadeus East Africa teams up with GTTP Kenya for travel and tourism education in public schools

Amadeus is a founding member of the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP), a travel-industry supported program and non-profit educational foundation that teaches young people about the travel and tourism industry and its career options. As part of its contribution, Amadeus donated computers to GTTP Kenya to facilitate the roll-out of the GTTP curriculum in 16 public secondary schools across the country.

Amadeus empowered youth through a travel and tourism pilot project in Kenya

A pilot project in Kenya with the UNWTO, the Ministry of Tourism and local industry stakeholders allowed 20 young women and men to train and experience work in the travel and tourism industry. The training took place over three months and provided basic courses in Travel reservations and Front Desk Operations. Learnings from this pilot demonstrated the potential of the travel and tourism industry to contribute to the economic inclusion of youth in the country.

Local Community Support

Amadeus supports gender equality in IT in Kenya

Amadeus collaborated with AkiraChix who organised a girls-only hackathon to support gender equality in the IT sector. The hackathon, CodeFest 2016, focused on building solutions that foster citizen engagement in matters of governance and security.

Amadeus East Africa supports social development of underserved children in Kenya

Amadeus East Africa has been supporting child development in Kenya in collaboration with local institutions. As part of this, Amadeus has an ongoing collaboration with the Angel Centre, a home for abandoned children. In addition, every year Amadeus donates PCs to secondary schools and NGOs in the country.

Amadeus Southern Africa collaboration with non-profit St. Lawrence Haven

Amadeus Southern Africa has adopted the St Lawrence Children’s Home as their staff CSR project. The Amadeus staff try to make the lives of the St. Lawrence children more fun and provide education outside the school system.

Amadeus Southern Africa supports a program that helps young offenders through education

Amadeus Southern Africa donated over 100 computers to support a program by the National Applications Center and the Department of Correctional Services that helps young offenders in South Africa through education and skills development.

For more information on other exciting projects around the world, have a look at our interactive map or read about the projects in the Amadeus Global Report.