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Africa is the second largest continent and has the second largest population in the world as well. It is home to Table Mountain and the pyramids of Giza, which form part of both the 7 Wonders of Nature and the 7 Wonders of the World. That being said, Africa has more than just two sights to offer to travellers. The CNN article 26 most stunning Africa spots shows some of the reasons why tourism in Africa has continued to improve. The African treasures highlighted include spots such as The Great Migration in Tanzania, Lake Malawi and The Victoria Falls, which flows in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. These all contribute to boosting the African economy.

Sub-Saharan tourism has increased by 300% since 1990; in 2012 there were 33.8 million tourists who visited, and in turn helped to generate 36 billion dollars, as well as contributing to 2.8% of Africa’s GDP. Safari tours are one of the most common reasons why people travel in and around Africa. One of the best-known traveller destinations in Africa is the Omo River region in Ethiopia, which is home to 50 different tribes. It is said that music, culture and food are becoming bigger driving forces for people to explore Africa and what it has to offer.
Four more of the most travelled countries in Africa are South Africa with over 9.5 million travellers per year, Botswana which is visited by 2.2 million people for its oasis of wildlife and natural wonder and Mozambique which is best known for its tropical beaches, coral reef and small islands that welcome 2.1 million travellers yearly. Lastly, Namibia hosts 1.7 million visitors, with one of its most popular sights being the Caprivi Strip, which is a region where the three Major Rivers flow: The Kwando, Okavango and Zambezi.
Africa is a beautiful and intriguing place to travel to. If you don’t believe us, check out these blogs and hear from people who have had the pleasure of travelling and exploring Africa.

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