Live Travel Space
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Three words used to describe Amadeus: Global Distribution System (GDS). If you close your eyes and think about what a GDS represents, you will probably see a travel agent behind a computer, and on the other side, a traveller asking for availability and price to fly somewhere in the world.

At the time Amadeus was founded in 1987 the web didn’t exist. Since then, we’ve connected airlines with travel sellers all over the world. We are very proud of what we have achieved, but if you think about what Amadeus represents nowadays, there is a much bigger picture to what we do.

So, what would we want people to see if they were to close their eyes and think about Amadeus today?

We would like them to see the traveller at the centre of everything we do. We’d like them to see how we are providing the right technology for different types of travel channels, focusing on consumers and how they travel. And delivering on what travellers want: personalization, connectivity and answers at lightning speed on any device.

We believe we have found the right words for who we are today: we are a Live Travel Space .

  • Live, because we are continuously evolving. Supported by innovative technologies and an agile approach, we work together with our partners to experiment, explore and scale new ways to connect the travel industry. Live because we work with a human touch, striving to provide the best customer care. Our customers don’t see us as simply a travel provider, but a partner. It’s our people and their capabilities that make our technology strong and reliable.
  • Travel, because Amadeus sits at the heart of the travel industry: we connect travel providers with travel sellers, partners and other players. We facilitate conversations, champion trends, and respond to traveller needs. We are shaping the future of travel.
  • Space, because we don’t want to limit the possibilities for growth, both for us and our customers. We are open to new opportunities coming from every corner of the business.

We have also changed the name of our division so that people understand how we have broadened our business to promote growth in the travel industry. We called it Travel Channels. Why? Because we understand that travellers are at the centre of everything we do and that we are here to deliver them better journeys.

Our division works with a variety of travel sellers and corporations via any channel or device to be wherever their travellers are. We serve retail travel agencies, tour operators, consolidators and networks, online travel agencies, metasearch companies, destination offices, and even more to come. We also deliver self-booking tools for corporations and business travel agencies all over the world. And we don’t sell only airlines seats, but in our travel platform we can include any relevant content for these travel sellers.

Travel Channels is here to enable the boundless aspirations of our partners across the world. And, we think the Live Travel Space represents more accurately how our people and our technology are open, dynamic, and connected to better serve the demands of travellers. Now close your eyes again. What do you see when thinking about a Live Travel Space? Can you see us?

Check out this infographic with an overview of our Travel Channels vision and follow us on our website or on social media via #LiveTravelSpace.