travel insurance
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As a travel agent, you are in charge of selling dreams!

Your clients come to you for advice about dream holidays to Europe, the Indian Ocean, the Far East or beautiful Africa. While you’re giving them advice on the most amazing resorts, exciting activities and the best times to travel, don’t forget to also mention travel insurance.

Travel insurance can mean the difference between an unforgettable holiday and one your clients prefer not to remember. However, the truth is that a lot of clients still see it as a ‘needless’ expense.

The reason for this blasé attitude? Countless myths about travel insurance are doing the rounds. These range from clients thinking nothing can happen to them, to believing they are covered by their medical insurance while abroad.

The time has come for you, as a travel agent, to debunk those myths and make sure your clients’ dream holidays are safe and insured!

Myth 1: I’m healthy, I don’t need travel insurance!

If all goes well, your clients hopefully won’t need to make any insurance claim during their holidays. But, that doesn’t mean travel insurance is a waste of money!

The figures are impressive! Did you know that a simple visit to the doctor in the UK will set you back at least £200? And, the cost of a having a heart attack in the US could be over $12,000 a day.

If your clients still don’t think this could ever apply to them, remind them that travel insurance is just as likely to come to their rescue for a dropped camera or lost luggage as it is for a trip to the emergency room.

 Myth 2: I’m covered by my health insurance or credit card!  


Probably the most stubborn misconception of all!

People often think their health insurance or credit card will cover them in case of travel emergencies. Think again!

Advise your clients to read the fine print. A health insurance is unlikely to cover their medical emergencies while they’re abroad, and most credit card insurance policies have strict limitations.

 Meanwhile, travel insurance in its basic form usually provides trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost luggage, travel assistance, accidental death and limited medical evacuation benefits.

Myth 3: Travel insurance is just too expensive

The premium for a 30-day travel insurance policy is usually comparable to a medical aid premium across most age groups in your client’s home country.

So, if your clients are ready to foot the bill of a medical aid at home to make sure they’re not faced with bank-breaking medical expenses, why would they want to skimp on the same kind of policy when they travel to a foreign country where the costs of medical treatment is potentially tenfold?

 Myth 4: I can wait till the last minute to purchase travel insurance!

Waiting till the last minute to book travel insurance might not be the best of ideas. What if something happens a week before your client is leaving and the trip needs to be cancelled? At times like that, travel insurance comes in very handy and will cover pre-paid holiday expenses with the trip cancellation feature.


The truth is that travel insurance can provide your clients with irreplaceable peace of mind when embarking on an adventure abroad. What’s more, travel insurance can be very profitable for the travel agent thanks to the high commissions providers tend to offer.

So, don’t hesitate and urge your clients to take out insurance.