Learn from the Product Experts – How to create an Advanced Smart Flow

A jack of all trades, Thierry Parent loves his career as Solutions Manager at Amadeus. He describes the company as ‘open,  dynamic and connected’. Today Thierry shares his tip on Smart Flows with us.

Travel agents today don’t want to …

Meet the Experts! Do you have a software problem? Thierry Parent to the rescue

Thierry Parent

A jack of all trades, Thierry Parent loves his career at Amadeus, where he has been working for the past four years, currently as Solutions Manager. He describes the company as ‘open,  dynamic and connected’.

Superpower – Jack of All

NDC 101: What you need to know about IATA’s New Distribution Capability


Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” While it’s not as complex as theoretical physics, questions still persist about IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC). To help everyone get a better grasp of the …

A story of evolution: Going from a GDS to a Live Travel Space

Live Travel Space

Three words used to describe Amadeus: Global Distribution System (GDS). If you close your eyes and think about what a GDS represents, you will probably see a travel agent behind a computer, and on the other side, a traveller asking …

Amadeus Tip: How to display the PNR history

display the PNR History

Don’t you sometimes wish you could just step back in time? The good news is that thanks to Amadeus you can do just that… well, for PNRs in any case.

Every PNR that is created in the Amadeus System has …

It’s here: the brand new Amadeus Africa Blog

new Amadeus Africa Blog

If you wandered onto our blog this week, you might have noticed something different about it. We’ve created a brand new reading experience to bring you news and updates with a refreshed look and new features. The new Amadeus Africa …