Did you know these movies were filmed in Africa?

Africa is known for its beautiful landscapes, warm and welcoming people and amazing wildlife. It should therefore not come as a surprise that an increasing number of film producers from all over the world have started seeing this continent as …

Speak the modern travellers’ language  

modern travellers

What do Instagram, the price of alcohol and a playground have in common?

On first sight, not that much. However, all three of these factors play a huge role in how the modern travellers choose their next holiday destination, depending …

Amadeus Tip – How to display a sales report in graphic mode

Are you struggling to get a clear overview of your sales? Amadeus Selling Platform Connect to the rescue.

In this Amadeus Tip, we’ll tell you how Sell Connect offers the possibility to display the sales report (query report) in graphical …

Have you started personalising your travel offer yet?

Customer Profiles personalisation
Portrait of a cheerful young businessman walking with bag and mobile phone

“Today’s travellers want greater personalisation. Personalisation that delivers better offers; personalisation that delivers better service; personalisation that removes the pain points of travel.”

Those are the words of Michael Bayle, Global Head of Amadeus Mobile, in Amadeus’ latest study, …

Going stratospheric with NDC-X


Inspired by SpaceX, “NDC-X” is the name we have given to our program that is going to take NDC beyond where it is today – and I’m excited to be taking up my new role as head of this program. …

Amadeus shares its views on the age of experimentation

age of experimentation
Smiling young African American woman with VR glasses reaching out and learning new technology in a trendy warehouse office loft

There is an increasing appetite for technology in Southern Africa as it is fast shaping how destinations interact with travellers.

“Consumers have become used to a recommendation-led experience across other industries. They have come to expect the same from their …