The Amadeus Africa Team shares their plans and wishes for 2017

Amadeus Africa Team
Amadeus Africa Team

2017 is expected to be a fantastic year for Amadeus in Africa. We’ve chatted to the Amadeus Africa Team in the different regions for their wishes and plans for the continent for the year to come:




Make 2017 the year of collaborative action towards sustainable travel and tourism

Sustainability means meeting the requirements of the current generation, without reducing the opportunities for future generations to meet theirs.  This is of particular relevance for the travel and tourism industry, as perspectives on what we do, and how, must shift …

10 (thousand) things we love about travel in Africa!

voyager en Afrique

We have reached 10,000 likes on our Amadeus_Africa Facebook page! Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help and support of our team, clients and fans in Africa.

To show you how much we appreciate our readers and …

Four amazing things to see and do in Luanda


Every year, on January 25, Angola celebrates Luanda City Day. During this festive day, the country commemorates the creation of the capital in 1576.

Luanda was originally called Loanda, which means “flat land,” and was part of the kingdom of …

Are you ready to design the ultimate travel agency app?  

travel agency app

 Imagine an easy-to-use, almost ‘addictive’ mobile travel agency app that accompanies the traveller throughout the entire journey. The only app a traveller will need… or even want.

Most online travel agents already have responsive web designs or even apps, but …

My Amadeus’ wish-list for Africa in 2017

Every time I travel to Africa, I can feel the desire of the people to get ahead in life. Africans are ambitious, they’re entrepreneurial and they want to grow and learn.

Amadeus Africa wants to be part of this refreshing …