Make travellers feel important again

Traveller tracking, compliance, cost-saving, sharing economy…. These are all topics that have kept the travel industry busy for the past few years.

But, the biggest and most important topic travel agents need to address in 2016 is how to make …

Matthew Kimberley, shows EA travel Industry how to ‘Book Yourself Solid’

Running a business? Be a big fish in a small pond and grow the pond.

On Saturday April 23rd, AMADEUS East Africa in collaboration with Noesis Strategic Institute and Kenya Association of Travel Agents ( KATA) hosted Matthew

Nigerian travellers leading the way with mobile payments

Reviewing and rating services ranks top among Nigerian travellers when it comes to their use of mobile phones for travel. This is according to a recent study commissioned by Amadeus and conducted by Inquisition into the traveller behaviours of 2,500 …

Les clients d’Amadeus se distinguent au World Travel Awards !

By Aymeric Lanez

Plusieurs de nos clients Amadeus ont décroché des prix lors de la récente cérémonie des World Travel Awards pour l’Afrique et les Océans Indiens qui a eu lieu à Zanzibar. Reconnu comme les « Oscars » de …

Rencontrez Neeloo Peeroo, service à la clientèle chez Amadeus à l’Île Maurice

Neeloo Peeroo nous donne un aperçu de la vie au service à la clientèle chez Amadeus à l’Île Maurice

Mariée avec quatre filles âgées de six à 21 ans, Neeloo Peeroo est devenue la confidente des agents de voyages à …

Meet Neeloo Peeroo Amadeus Customer Service Executive in Mauritius

Neeloo Peeroo gives us a sneak peak of what life is like at Amadeus Customer Services in Mauritius

Married with four daughters aged between 6 and 21, Neeloo Peeroo has become a trusted partner for travel agents in Mauritius. She …