Meet Nicola Lutta, our East Africa personality of the week

What is your title and role at Amadeus?

I’m a Solutions Manager for the East African region.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I started working in the travel industry in 1994 with Air France Nairobi as a reservations- …

The New Wave – Man-machine collaboration the new innovative strategy

Business strategists have suggested that organisational development is tied to the ability to forecast into the future in order to meet the needs and demands of their customers.

Amadeus as an organisation, isn’t an exception to this concept. Over the …

Amadeus “plante la vie” avec l’association Nebeday au Sénégal

L’association Nebeday, basée au Sénégal, a pour objectif la gestion participative des ressources naturelles par et pour les populations locales.

Pour ce faire, elle s’appuie particulièrement sur les femmes et les enfants à travers des campagnes de sensibilisation pour tenter …

Amadeus “plants life” with the Nebeday Association in Senegal

Nebeday Association, based in Senegal, aims to build the capacity of participatory management of natural resources by and for local people.

To do this, the association relies particularly on women and children through awareness campaigns, to try to change attitudes. …

Meet John Simple, a Simplicity Searcher that wants to go on holiday

John Simple is a 50-year old South African IT specialist living in bustling Johannesburg. He is married to Zaheera, a schoolteacher. They have three children. John’s business keeps him extremely busy, so he likes to take a break with his …

Nigeria Training Schedule: June 2015

Sondage support client CWA Février 2015

Stay on top of your game and get to know Amadeus like the back of your hand by attending our training courses.

Nigeria Training Schedule Q1 [FEB 2015]Download our Nigeria training schedule for June 2015, here.…