Meet Jillian Marques, our Southern Africa personality of the week

Jillian Marques - Southern Africa Personality of the week

Jillian Marques works in Amadeus Southern Africa’s Finance department, dealing with debtors and ensuring all the agencies using our system and solutions pay for these. She is now in her ninth year with the ACO.

What’s the most exciting thing

Amadeus EMD Training Update

EMD stands for Electronic Miscellaneous Document. An EMD allows you to sell and track the usage of charges, for example excess baggage charges, change fees and a residual value. The EMD is the solution for all fees collected outside a …

Create, store and distribute customer profiles quickly and easily

Having all your customer profiles up to date, in one place, and easily accessible is a huge timesaver, improves your productivity, and increases your efficiency, all which have an impact on your agency’s bottom line. The Amadeus Customer Profiles solution …

Goddy Ikol reflects on 10 years with Amadeus

Goddy Ikol, reflecting on 10 years at Amadeus

Goddy Ikol, a Training and Customer Service Manager, reflected on her 10 years with Amadeus East Africa – the successes, achievements and challenges.


I am proud to have been a part of 10 years of continuous growth in Amadeus …

Erasto Maketa reflects on 10 years with Amadeus

Erasto Maketa reflects on 10 years with Amadeus

Erasto Maketa, Amadeus East Africa’s Senior Technical Support Specialist, shares some of his memories and insights with us as he celebrates 10 years with Amadeus.

When I joined Amadeus ten years ago, you could say I was the “new kid …

Amadeus Ticket Changer – il change la donne pour les agences

Au cours de discussions récentes avec quelques agences de voyage, il est apparu qu’ Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) a changé la donne.
Un gain de temps de 25mn sur le temps nécessaire pour réémettre un billet, une réduction du nombre …