Amadeus – A brief history

There have been many milestones along the way and this infographic touches upon a few of the key events that have made us the largest GDS provider worldwide.

From the opening of the Amadeus Data Centre in Germany, to processing …

A big data Q&A with Professor Tom Davenport



After the launch of “At The Big Data Crossroads: Toward A Smarter Travel Experience,” the Amadeus-sponsored report garnered thousands of download requests as well as significant media coverage. Debra Iannaci, Director, Public Relations, North America, Amadeus IT Group sat …

The Amadeus team across Sub-Saharan Africa

This is an overview of the Amadeus team across Sub-Saharan Africa. We have dedicated staff that caters for our various customer demands; the establishment of our Regional Solution Centre

Travel providers should look to Africa for growth opportunities


Forward-thinking travel providers should look to Africa for growth opportunities, Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, Amadeus IT Group, Santiago Jimenez shares his insights.

This year at IATA’s Annual General Meeting in Cape Town – Director-General, Tony Tyler, stated that “nowhere is …

Mobile tech & the travel industry

Travel Apps

There is no doubt that technology has changed the face of travel, the way people search and book for travel. From leisure travellers researching their destinations, hotels and resorts online, as well as sites like Trip Advisor, where travel …

Big Data: What does it mean for your business? (Part 2)

Big-Data-TravelIn our previous post, we introduced you to our ‘Big Data’ report. The biggest question is, what is the benefit of big data for the travel industry? There are several potential benefits, most of which require changes within …