Amadeus Solutions
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Amadeus solutions can give travel agents a definite edge over their competitors.

Sure Stellenbosch Travel’s Taryn Tibble-Vega explains that in today’s Internet age, where a lot of clients are looking online and have access to the same fares as travel agents, Amadeus solutions give travel agents the ability to offer a personalised service to their clients.

“That personalised service puts us above the rest,” she says.

Taryn explains Amadeus Offers is her favourite Amadeus solution.

“Gone are the days of having to cut and paste sectors or manually add fares. With Offers, I can queue six, seven, eight or even nine sectors at a time and use a smart key to FXP or FXS, and I’m done in five minutes.”

Ticket Changer is another Amadeus solution that has helped change Taryn’s life. She says: “I’ve done re-issues on other GDS and they used to leave me in tears. Now, you can wake me up at two in the morning and I’m happy to re-issue a ticket.”

Another advantage of Ticket Changer for Taryn is that if the airline has filed a voluntary change in their fare notes, re-issues are guaranteed. She says: “This cuts down on ADMs and the time wasted fighting them.”

Also Amadeus Selling Platform Connect receives Taryn’s praises. “As a lot of you might know, corporate consultants never sleep. We are on the go 24/7. You might laugh, but Selling Platform Connect has allowed me to literally re-issue a ticket in Cape Gate on my phone. It’s so amazing to know that I don’t have to lug around a heavy laptop and I can do everything from my phone or tablet.”

Check out Taryn’s review of Amadeus’ products below: