Amadeus Ticket Changer
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For the last two months, Amadeus travel agents across Africa have been in the running to win a Netflix or Showmax subscription.

All they needed to do was discover more about Amadeus Ticket Changer, and how this automated suite of ticket reissue and refund products could make them superheroes in the office and in the eyes of their clients.

The lucky winners are:

Esther from Wakanow in Nigeria,

Cyrille from O-Voyages in Benin,

Monalisa Aman from Globetrotters Travel and Tours Limited in Uganda,

Lynette from Harvey World Travel Manor in South Africa,

and Estelle from Tourvest in South Africa.

Congratulations to these superhero travel agents, who have all shown that their superpowers allowed them to do more than any other ticketing expert.

Their newspaper headlines were clear: Esther, Cyrille, Monalisa, Lynette and Estelle helped achieve a record number of successfully rescheduled trips on the Amadeus system. Thanks to Amadeus Ticket Changer, these travel agents were able to validate voluntary change and penalty rule data to process ticket changes in less than a minute.

The super speed  to be able to considerably shorten the time of reissues, saving up to 25 minutes per reissued ticket, is what impressed Monalisa Aman from Uganda and Esther from Nigeria the most about Amadeus Ticket Changer. “Ticket changer makes my work faster and more accurate!” said Esther from Wakanow.

For Estelle from Tourvest in South Africa, Amadeus Ticket Changer has allowed her to forget all her troubles and worries. She said: “Ticket Changer saves time and sleepless nights worrying about re-issues.”

For Cyrille, Amadeus Ticket Changer is simply an exceptional work tool that helps avoid any errors.

However, although we have given away the Netflix and Showmax subscriptions, all travel agents can be winners – and superheroes – just by using Amadeus Ticket Changer.

Not only will you gain super speed, you’ll also discover other superpowers that will allow you to work smarter, not harder.

You’ll have super saver powerswhich will allow you to significantly reduce ADMs…. or – dare we say it – eliminate them altogether.

You’ll have X-Ray vision , which will see you uncovering lucrative new service fee opportunities.

Amadeus will also give you the super strength you need to guarantee ticket reissues with over 130 airlines.

What are you waiting for? Start using Amadeus Ticket Changer today!